MSDS for Castrol Products

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Use either the full or part product name then click Search and select from the results displayed.
Use this search feature to obtain a listing of MSDS within a specific category.

You can view, print and download Material Safety Data Sheets for each product. Enter the product name in the keyword box or select by the product category you wish to search and obtain a complete list.

When you download the MSDS you will be asked whether you want to be advised when this product MSDS changes in the future. Complete the details and you will be sent an email notification. This way the MSDS chases you.

Alternatively, you can also call the technical helpline on 1300 557 998 or customer service on 1300 554 890 (cost of a local call in Australia only) 8:30 am to 5:00pm (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday except public holidays.

If it is a medical emergency, please go to your nearest doctor or hospital.

For 24 hour Poisons Advice contact 13 11 26.

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